Bachelor of
Computer Science

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Will you be the next programmer who develops the software code for autonomous learning capabilities?

Why Choose this Program?

Will you be the next programmer who develops the software code for autonomous learning capabilities?

You will earn two qualifications from one degree program

You will study a curriculum informed by academic and industry leaders

You will travel to Europe’s leading luxury brand capitals

You will develop excellent professional networks

You can establish your own business enterprise

You will experience a truly experiential learning journey

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Industry Leaders for Panel Discussion

Mr Juan Perez

Luxury Network UAE

Head of Brands
Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons

Mr Saif Ahmad

Prof Alessandro Brun

Global expert in Luxury Management
MIP Politecnico di Milano

Ms Asil Attar

CEO & Co-Founder
SALT Fashion Ltd

Mr Bertrand Meylan

MELB Holding

UOWD's Media Camp

- Computer Science

Who should attend this course?

Top reasons to choose UOWD

The first international Australian University established in the UAE

Stand out as an accomplished global citizen through mobility and trans-campus learning across our international networks in Australia, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Succeed in your chosen profession anywhere in the world with a UAE accredited degree that is recognised internationally for educational and professional excellence.

Graduates will be issued an international degree from UOW Australia which is recognized and attested by the UAE Ministry of Education.

Enjoy a truly international educational environment

More than 27 years academic excellence in the UAE


University of Wollongong in Dubai
UOWD Building, Dubai Knowledge Park
P.O. Box 20183, Dubai, UAE


Toll-free 800-UOWD or +971 4 278 1800



Then join us for two weeks over the summer break, at our new UOWD Campus for only AED 500 and take part in fun activities to help build your digital marketing and social media portfolio.

UOWD is offering a two-week interactive experience, for high school students in grades 11 and 12, to work with our media professors in fun group projects and learn skills in cinematography, photography, graphic design and storytelling.

Students will receive a certificate from UOWD on completion of the summer camp.

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Students will learn to:

Create digital content

Be a streamer

Be a YouTube content creator

Be a social media influencer

Build an Instagram profile with tailored content

Use graphic design to make fun memes and social media posts

Understand digital and social media

Grade 11 and 12 students, currently in high school and looking to have fun on their summer break while learning social media techniques, photography skills, cinematography skills, graphic design and specialized software skills including Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, InDesign and Illustrator.

This fun summer camp has been built for students that are looking for a Bachelor degree in Media, Graphic Design, Marketing, Social Media, Video Game Design, Digital Marketing and more.

This two-week camp is for the next Media Director, Content Creator, Graphic Designer, Social Media Manager, Video Editor or Social Media Influencer.

Your Career Path

Will you be the next programmer who develops the software code for autonomous learning capabilities?

Why should I attend this course?

Will you be the next programmer who develops the software code for autonomous learning capabilities?

Learn about cutting edge media practices.

Learn by doing with trained media professionals.

For students interested in pursuing a career in digital and social media, content creation or marketing, this two-week summer camp is a fantastic way to experience a fun, interactive workshop, using specialised media software and learn from experts in the field.

Students will be able to:

Make, create and share.

Network with like-minded students and explore your creativity.

Get a head start on your Media degree at an accredited University.

Get a head start on your future media career.

Learn specialized software skills to build your media career including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and InDesign.

Media Camp Instructors and Profiles

Dr Michael Mallory
Camp Coordinator

Dr Michael is the Program Director for Media and Communication at UOWD. He received his PhD in Philosophy, Art and Critical Thought from the European Graduate School. Michael’s background is in the sociology of media and technology, and the social role media has in the world today. He has extensive experience teaching a wide range of media subjects, as well as practical and industry experience. While media is definitely something to be studied, Michael is a strong advocate of making the study of media a fun and hands on experience. One of his main goals for this summer camp is to show how learning about and making media can be a meaningful, exciting and interactive experience.

An Interactive Summer Experience

25 July to 5 August 2021

10:00am to 4:00pm
Sunday to Thursday




AED 500*
(VAT inclusive) 


UOWD Building,
Dubai Knowledge Park

Are you looking to develop your digital marketing and social media skills? Are you interested in content creation, becoming a youtuber or social media influencer?

The course is open to any Grade 11 and 12 students that have an interest in marketing, social media or digital content creation.
Get a head start on your future media career at the premier Australian university in Dubai.

Students will receive a certificate from UOWD on completion of the summer camp.

Ms Negin Chabook
Camp Facilitator

Negin is a media and communication specialist. She received her BA in Film and TV studies from Brunel University London and expanded her knowledge in the field with an MA in Media and Communications from UOWD. Her areas of expertise include the fields of visual communication, media and cultural studies, and gender and representation. Negin’s goal as an educator is to inspire students who are both aware and unaware of their creative minds and potential talents through collaborative learning that builds practical media skills. It’s important for everyone in today’s world to understand the media and stay ahead in media practices and techniques. And it’s a lot of fun!

Ms Samira Sobeih
Camp Facilitator

Samira is a digital designer at CNN Arabic and a visual communication specialist. She is also a tutor at UOWD with a master’s degree in Media and Communications from UOWD. She has a wide range of expertise in editorial design, motion graphic design, and video editing. In addition, Samira is experienced in marketing, branding, and TV production. She aims to deliver ideas and content creatively and innovatively. Samira is a true believer in hands-on learning and creative practices to keep up with this fast-moving society to generate new ideas and achieve the best possible outcomes. For her, it’s always fun to learn new techniques that distinguish you from others.

Current UOWD BCM students
Camp Counselors

Current Bachelor of Communication and Media students will work as camp counselors. These counselors will work directly with camp participants, helping them in their media making journey and experience. All of these counselors have experience and background in media and media making, and will be able to share their experience with the camp participants. Since media making is an interactive and collaborative process, it’s important to have current students work in this role. We don’t like to only talk about interaction and collaboration, we prefer to practice and actually do it.

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*Refreshments are included